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Government eProcurement System of NIC (GePNIC)
Government eProcurement System of NIC (GePNIC) is a generic software which can be directly used by any Government Department. The Central Public Procurement Portal (https://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure) launched at the behest of Department of Expenditure is an instance of GePNIC available for all Central Government Departments and Organizations. This Portal can be used for all kinds of procurement activities such as Goods, Works and Services. It aims at enhancing transparency in all activities relating to tendering process and non-discrimination amongst bidders. It enables free access to tender documents, clarifications, secure online bid submission and access to bid opening event to all, from any place on 24x7 basis. The system, which is being progressively used since the year 2007, has been designed taking into account the General Financial Rules (GFR), tender rules followed in various States and also adheres to CVC guidelines issued from time to time on tendering.
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BhuNaksha (Integrated Solution for Mutation of Digitized Cadastral Maps and FMBs Digitized using CollabLand)
Bhu-Naksha is a cadastral mapping software developed by NIC using Open source applications and libraries to facilitate management of digitized cadastral maps. The scanning, digitization, verification of cadastral maps are the pre-processes and input to BhuNaksha application. BhuNaksha has been integrated with CollabLand which is a software product for Digitization and Mosaicing of Land Survey Maps for computerization of Land Records under Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP). It is purely developed using open source technologies and tools. It is being developed and maintained as a single product that supports various survey systems and catering to needs ranging from digitization of individual land parcel maps to mosaicing and geo-referencing of village maps. The integrated solution has been customized for states like TamilNadu, Puducherry, Lakshadweep and Andhra Pradesh. This facility has enhanced the BhuNaksha Application as a single software product to cater the needs of varying surveying methodologies prevailing in the Country. With proper customization BhuNaksha can be integrated with existing Land Records application of any states that deals with textual data. ROR database can be virtually in any RDBMS. For overcoming diverse structure of ROR database in different states BhuNaksha defines certain interfaces for talking with ROR database. The interfaces are implemented differently for different states based on the structure of that state’s ROR database. In this way the same BhuNaksha application workbench can be used for any state just by plugging the particular state's implementation of ROR interfaces. Various operations like storage of the maps, display of village maps, display of a land parcels related to owners, division of land parcels, import of ETS data and updation of plots because of mutations. It also has an Android based light version for smartphones. The scanning, digitization, verification of cadastral maps are the pre-processes and input to BhuNaksha application. For overcoming diverse structure of ROR database in different states BhuNaksha defines certain interfaces for talking with ROR database. The interfaces are implemented differently for different states based on the structure of that state’s ROR database. In this way the same BhuNaksha application workbench can be used for any state just by plugging the particular state's implementation of ROR interfaces. Various operations like storage of the maps, display of village maps, display of a land parcels related to owners, division of land parcels, import of ETS data, creation of maps from Field measurement books(FMB) and updation of plots because of mutations. It also has an Android based light version for smartphones.
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On line web application for RTO related activity like Registration, Fitness, Permit, Enforcement. VAHAN is the flagship e-Governance application under National Transport Project, a Mission Mode Project initiated in year 2006. The purpose of the application was to automate the RTO operations related to Vehicle Registration, Permit, Taxation, Enforcement in the whole country.
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Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS)
Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) is an initiative of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to leverage information technology for ensuring delivery of full spectrum of healthcare and immunization services to pregnant women and children up to 5 years of age. It is an innovative, web-based application, developed by NIC, to facilitate and monitor service delivery as well as to establish a two way communication between the service providers and beneficiaries. Generation of work plans of ANMs, sending regular alerts to the service providers as well as beneficiaries about the services due and a user-friendly dash board for health managers at various levels to monitor delivery of services will go a long way in ensuring quality service delivery, micro birth planning, ensuring universal immunization and will have positive impact on important health indicators like Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio. It will also help in evidence based planning and continuous assessment of service delivery to pregnant women and children.
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Panchayati Raj Institutions Accounting Software (PRIASoft) is one of the applications developed as part of Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES) under e-panchayat Mission Mode Project (MMP) (http://epanchayat.gov.in). PRIASoft aims to keep track of all the in-flow (Receipts) and out- flow (Payments) of the PRIs. PRIASoft is highly user friendly and simple to use. It not only facilitates maintenance of accounts under MAS, but also ensures monitoring of allocated funds, expenditure incurred, inter-PRIs transfers/advances and automatic generation of desired reports, registers and other financial information just by making basic transaction entries from the vouchers. PRIASoft is a Centralized Accounting Software intended for maintenance of accounts by all the three levels of Panchayats viz., District, Block and Village Panchayat. The software would not only serve the purpose of maintenance of accounts but also works as a good financial management tool, leading to the following distinct advantages: a) Improve transparency and accountability of the Panchayats in managing large volume of funds. b) Enhance credibility of Panchayats which would induce greater devolution of funds to Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs). c) Enhance ability of higher authorities to effectively monitor flow and usage of funds for a better planning of the requirement of PRIs.
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Mobile Based Fertilizer Management System (mFMS)
The objective of the Mobile based Fertilizer Management System(mFMS) is to monitor using IT based Technology Solution, the movement and sales of the different fertilizers from fertilizer manufacturer/importers to fertilizer wholesalers and from wholesalers to retailers across the country. The system acts as a tool for Government Bodies to track and ensure the timely distribution of fertilizers to the farmer community. mFMS Technology solution, a Centralized System with Web, Mobile and Point of Sale(POS) device access channels has been developed using Open Source Technology Stack. mFMS web application facilitates companies, wholesalers and retailers to report fertilizer sales, receipts and stock. Wholesalers and retailers are using a simple user friendly mFMS mobile application for acknowledging receipt of fertilizers, reporting onward fertilizer sale, and reporting daily stock position. The transparency portal provides dissemination of information across the fertilizer supply chain up to retailer level. The other salient features of portal includes training material, mobile application download, notices, MIS reports, FAQ, Excel-to-xml converter s/w utilities etc. mFMS Dealer registration process has helped in building an authentic dealer database of fertilizer retailers and wholesalers. Stock, sales and dispatch reports generated from the system augment the process of determining availability of different fertilizers in the country. The benefits of mFMS include (1) Single point of Access for all stake holders, (2) Instant status on fertilizer availability, stock, consumption etc., (3) Fertilizer subsidy disbursement process is moving towards greater transparency since the payments is made to the manufacturers on the basis of retailer receipt acknowledgement, (4) With the information visibility at the last point of sale to the farmer, it is expected that the diversion to non-agricultural use or its black-marketing etc. will be significantly reduced.
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eHRMS – Manav Sampada – A tool for Human Resource Management
The eHRMS Application was developed as the product model for providing a generalized human resource management solution for Government Departments to help them in taking right decisions at right time with proper monitoring, manpower planning, employee recruitment, postings, promotion and transfer based on their skill sets. The project has been selected as National Product for Rapid Replication Rollout in other states by Department of Electronics and IT (DeitY), Government of India with enhanced features as per eGov Standards. The application is supplemented by Mobile Apps to view employee eService Book, Transfer/Promotion orders and to apply leave and tour online.
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1. A complete Online Application – The RCMS is a complete online application (right from the creation and approval of ration card, to its modification, document storage, printing of ration card is completely carried out online over internet. The application also provides the beneficiary an option to apply online for new ration card and it also facilitate the online status tracking of new ration card or modification request. 2. Workflow based Application - Ration card management system is a complete workflow based system wherein specific functionalities/privileges are assigned to departmental officials based upon the roles performed by them. For example in the in order to enter (digitize) the beneficiary ration card application request a Date Entry Operator login role is created in the system where as the application verification and approval takes place through Food Supply Inspector (FSI) and Food Supply officer (FSO) login page. 3. Extensive use of Master data 4. Ability to migrate existing data 5. Exhaustive Reports 6. User Dashboard View 7. User Friendly 8. Ration card processing fee acceptance module 9. Ability to integrate with UIDAI database
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eDistrict Kerala
e-District is a mission mode project under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of Government of India. In Kerala the project is piloted in two districts. The project is intended to provide Government services to citizens through Common Service Centres (CSC) which are easily accessible. Services from different departments are brought under one umbrella at any CSC or through public portal. This also minimises interaction of public with Government Offices. 24 certificate services, RTI, PG, revenue court cases and 7 utility payment services are available online through the e-District application at https://edistrict.kerala.gov.in. Kerala State IT Mission is the State Designated Agency (SDA) to implement the project. The design and development of the e-District Application is done by National Informatics Centre, Kerala State Unit. The services are offered through front office, public portal and Akshaya Centres approved as Common Service Centres ( CSC) by Government of Kerala. The project is implemented in all 14 districts of Kerala.
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An Integrated Service Delivery Software Framework has been conceptualized i.e. ServicePlus. ServicePlus (http://Serviceonline.gov.in) is metadata based, configurable, open source based, web enabled service delivery &. The framework promotes any Service, Any where by any level of Government. This service delivery portal can be used by citizens to apply for Service, track application and receive output certificate online. ServicePlus is unicode enabled. Arunachal Pradesh has launched 1 Service. Chattisgarh has launched 5 Services, Jharkhand has launched 6 Services, Kerala has launched 19 Services, Maharastra has launched 21 Services, Meghalaya has launched 6 Services, Odhisha has launched 2 Services, and Tripura has launched 14 Services. Also there is one Central Service of Law and Justice department is also there.
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e-Hospital@NIC - Hospital Management System is a workflow based ICT solution for Hospitals specifically meant for the hospitals in Government Sector. This is generic software which covers major functional areas like patient care, laboratory services, work flow based document/information exchange, human resource and medical records management of a Hospital. It is a patient-centric system rather than a series of add-ons to a financial system. e-Hospital@NIC Suite is a web based solution, developed by NIC using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) tools and conforms to HL7 Standards, for managing healthcare service delivery in public hospitals in India; and solution is made available to public hospitals in India as Software As A Services (SaaS) by National Informatics Centre, Government of India for accelerated infusion/ adoption of ICT tools and Healthcare Standards by large number of public hospitals. This solution has been deployed in many individual hospitals with interoperability features as per HL7 Standards. e-Hospital@NIC features includes ISO / IEC 9126 Certification, Based on HDF(HL7 Development Framework), Unicode based Indian Multilingual Support , Compliant with standards like Vocabulary- ICD-9, LOINC etc., Embedded User Manual, Comprehensive Reporting on various customizable parameters, Comprehensive Role based Access control and Security, Data Security and Privacy, Audit logging of transactions, Powerful Search facility and tracking of patient history, Enables data sharing across various departments, Touch Screen Kiosk interface.
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Xtended Licensing and Laboratory Node ( XLN )
Food and Drugs Control Administration revolves around the SALES & MANUFACTURING aspects related to Food & Drugs including Cosmetics. FDCA head office is located in Gandhinagar with 25 Circle Offices stationed in various district. Some Circle Office handle more than 1 district operations. Each Circle office is headed by an Asst. Commissioner. 4-5 Drug Inspectors/Sr. DI looking into field duties. FDCA is a Sales & Mfg - Licensing issueing authorities to Pharma companies ie manufacturers of drugs , Wholesalers, retailers, stockists, CF agents etc. Its enforcement activities revolves around monitoring of quality of drugs manufactured or coming from other states. Ensure reduction in manufacturing of spurious drugs, ensure stop-use of sub-standard drugs etc. Identically for the Food sector also. FDCA/DCD/DCA is an authority responsible for issuing Licenses to Manufacturers and Sales Licenses to Retailers and Wholesalers of pharma and related Products. Stockists, distributors and C and F agents also fall within the perview. Enforcement is also an important duty of this dept. i.e monitor quality of drugs being manufactured or coming from other states. Hence timely recall of sub-standard , spurious drugs after proper laboratory testing is also a very important function of the dept. Overview of the XLN software & its services :- * Online Applications by stake holders (Retailers & Wholesalers , from their premises ) * e-File Movements of Files from field offices to head offices. * Inspections & Monitoring of Legal Actions alongwith Court cases follow-Ups * Sampling & laboratory Testing* Mass Dissemination of Sub Standard / Spurious Drug Batches to end-users, towards stopping distribution/Recall of batches. * e-Communication e-Query, e-replies, and SMS * Online Licenses * MIS / LAQ / RTI Compilations at various levels.
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e-PARIKSHA - Paperless Recruitment for Intelligent, Knowledgeable, skilled and Highly Able candidates
e-PARIKSHA is a software solution for paperless recruitment as implemented by State Govt./ Govt. of India through various recruitment agencies viz. State Public Service Commissions / Union Public Service Commission/ Government Departments or Organizations/ PSUs/ Universities etc. to fulfil the vacant positions against various posts by selecting the suitable candidates. e-Pariksha enables the candidates to carry out the entire process digitally since from the online form submission to its final selection under the paperless environment. e-Pariksha also facilitates the recruitment agencies to conduct the transparent recruitment process as laid down by Government by utilizing it's various services/ components digitally.
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Demo Application for Aadhaar Authentication and electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC)
The demo application is designed to include all the offerings of Aadhaar Authentication which includes Biometric, OTP and Demographic information. Aadhaar authentication is the process wherein Aadhaar number, along with other attributes (demographic/biometrics/OTP) is submitted to UIDAI's Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) for verification; the CIDR verifies whether the data submitted matches the data available in CIDR and responds with a “Yes/No”. No personal identity information is returned as part of the response. The purpose of Authentication is to enable residents to prove their identity and for service providers to confirm that the residents are ‘who they say they are' in order to supply services and give access to benefits. E-KYC - The Aadhaar e-KYC service provides an instant, electronic, non-repudiable proof of identity and proof of address along with date of bi rth and gender. In addition, it also provides the resident’s mobile number and email address to the service provider, which helps further streamline the process of service delivery. E-KYC may be performed at an agent location using biometric authentication, as well as remotely using an OTP on a website or mobile connection.
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e-Aushadhi is a complete web based supply chain management solution for distribution of drugs, surgical and sutures to various District Drug Warehouses (DWH), Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Community Health Centers (CHC), Primary Health Centers (PHC) and Drug Distribution Centers (DDC) from where the drugs are issued to the patients, who are the final consumers in the chain.
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Registration And Licensing of Fishing Craft (ReALCraft)
'ReALCraft' is a web enabled work flow based online application system for issuing Vessel Registration Certificate under MS Act and Fishing License Certificate under MFR Act to all the fishing vessels operating along the Indian coast. When ReALCraft is fully operational the Security Agencies and other approved Government machinery would be able to track the status of any registered Marine Vessel at any point of time from anywhere, through internet or SMS.
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eOffice - Knowledge Management System
A Web Based Document Management System that caters the need of Creation, Management, Storage, Searching including Content Based Search and Retrieval of Document along with versioning, sharing, collaborating and commenting. Government have to manage large volumes of documents of various categories .These documents can be Policies, Forms, Acts and Regulations, Circulars, Guidelines and Standards and Manuals. Maintaining a central repository of document helps to have a single repository of documents from where all department/ministry users can access the information. eOffice KMS enables users to create and manage electronic documents that can be viewed, searched and shared. It is also capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users (Tracking history). It also contains a dynamic workflow to keep document in various stages.
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Generic Mark Certificate Verification System using 2D QR Barcode
Mark Certificate 2D QR Bar code Encoder component is reusable “Generic Component” to create the encrypted and encoded 2D QR Bar code images for printing on all the mark certificates for generation and verification anywhere in the country. The component is flexible for using it in any state and for any certificate. All the options such as barcode encoding and barcode decoding are open to the Application Service Provider (ASP) for integration in their software while printing the mark sheet. Mark certificate 2D QR bar code decoder component is developed in such a way that it can be made reusable “Generic Component” for decode and decrypt the 2D QR Bar code images or 2D QR Bar code value which was created by using “Generic mark certificate 2d bar code creator” component of apps.nic.in.
Co-operative Core Banking Solution (CCBS)
Co-operative Core Banking Solutions provide seamless interface for all the three tiers of Co-operative Bank viz. SCB (State Co-operative Bank), DCCB (District Central Co-operative Bank) and PACS (Primary Agrirculture Credit Society). This is Core Banking Solutions with web-enabled interface. Retail Banking and Head Office Module is incorporated in CCBS. It is operational in Meghalaya State Co-operative Bank, Raipur District Central Co-operative Bank etc. Interfaces with ATM, NEFT/RTGS, Point of Sale (PoS), Bank on Move (BoM) etc. is also developed for CCBS. CCBS application has been customised to meet the requirements of long term credit structure of land development bank. It caters to both State Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks (SADB) and Primary Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks (PADB).
Web Application
PlanPlus v2.0 is one of the applications developed as part of Panchayat Enterprise Suite(PES) under e-Panchayat Mission Mode Project (MMP). PlanPlus v2.0 is web-based software that strengthens participative decentralized planningand enables preparation of Plans by Government agencies. PlanPlus v2.0 accommodates customizable workflows to suit statespecific requirements. As the Plan, under development, moves along the workflow,all the agencies participating in the preparation of Plans can transparently work intheir respective area, leading to the generation of an Integrated Plan. The application supports Need Based Planning rather than Scheme-based planning. It captures different types of activities (Public Works, Beneficiary Oriented Programme & Costless Activities). It facilitates convergence of funds from central, state sponsored schemes and other resources to address the needs of the people. Further, the application also assistsin the generation of a plan document as per the specified chapterization scheme. A separate window to track the Fourteenth Finance Commission Fund flow has also been provisioned in the application.
Web Application
Online Certificate Course on RTI (OCCRTI)
Provides online course on RTI to bring awareness to the general public/citizens and the PIOs. The primary objective of the project was to reach out to those who have not had an opportunity to participate in any training or sensitization initiatives on the RTI Act 2005. Apart from it the project also aimed at bringing greater clarity on RTI Act, 2005 among designated implementing officials like APIOs/ PIOs/ FAOs
Web Application
It is web based application software, developed by using Microsoft .NET technology available presently, with the following functional modules integrated with it: • Prison Inmate Management System [PIMS]; • Visitor Management System [VMS] • Court Information System [CIS]; • Police Information System [PIS]; • eHospital; • Roaster Management System [RMS]; • Prosecution Information System (under discussions with ASG); • Inventory Management System [IMS] under discussions; • Framework for the website of each and every jail • eCommerce website for displaying and selling goods made in jail factory; and • NCRB / SCRB system. It has been implemented at nearly 1205 jails (Central / district / sub) of 33 states across the country. It has recently been integrated with ICJS where the data from Criminal justice System stakeholders is made available for "One data Once Entry" and Mini Statement from all the stakeholders.
Web Application
e-Granthalaya: A Digital Agenda for Library Automation and Networking
A Library Management Software for computerization of Government Libraries. The software provides Web based Data Entry solution to the libraries. The software genetates e-Catalogs of library documents and provides various kinds of Online services to the Library members. The Application is available at NIC Cloud for online utilization by registered libraries.
Web Application
Generic Electronic Revenue Receipt Portal a single window systen to handle E-payment of any Government Receipts .Objective of the project to facilitate citizen to pay any type of Fee /Tax /loan or any other receipts via this single window portal .The portal is currently integrated with PayGov gateway for E-payment .Citizen or Tax payer visit to the payonline.jharkhand gov.in . The process of Generic payment portal is as follows : 1.Fill up the Payment Form /e-challan form and submit . 2. Payonline Portal will transfer the citizen to Payment GW for payment. 3. Citizen will pay via Netbanking / Credit /Debit card. 4. After Successful payment transaction citizen will automatically come back to Payonline portal. 5. Payonline portal will provide E-challan receipt.
Web Application
Biometirc(Fingerprint) Authentication in a web application
To facilitate user to login using fingerprint device and enabling application to authenticate same.In Era of Information technology, security is considered to the most important aspect. There are various techniques adopted to make sure credentials are transmitted in a secure manner. However, authentication using username and password always puts a question mark. To ensure that the authentic user is entering into the system, biometric authentication is considered to be up to the mark till date. Since biometric identifiers are unique to everyone
e-Upkaran (EMMS) is a comprehensive software solution to improve the inventory Management and Maintenance services of Equipment in hospitals across the state.Equipment Maintenance and Management System (EMMS) is a web based Application. It is to facilitate the corporation for managing the various equipment related business processes through DVDMS computer application. Procurement/Logistics, Quality and Finance department users get information on their respective desktop online. Warehouses, sub-stores, CHCs and PHCs users are also important users of this application for Stock and Maintenance and Usage management.
Web Application
e-Shushrut- Hospital Management Information System
e-Sushrut C-DAC’s Hospital Management Information System is a major step towards adapting technology to improve healthcare. HMIS incorporates an integrated computerized clinical information system for improved hospital administration and patient health care. It also provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record of the patient. A data warehouse of such records can be utilized for statistical requirements and for research. The real time HMIS streamlines the treatment flow of patients and simultaneously empowering workforce to perform to their peak ability, in an optimized and efficient manner. It is modeled on the unique combination of a ‘patient centric and medical staff centric’ paradigm, thus providing benefits to both the recipients and the providers of healthcare. It ensures dramatic improvement in performance along with reducing the costs. HMIS can be customized for a variety of hospitals such as medium sized clinics, large sized hospital which could be Government hospitals, Super specialty hospital or Purely Private hospitals. Features • Web Based Application • Portable across a variety of platforms • Configurable for Multiple Hospitals • Connects people, process and data in real time across all the hospitals • Customized clinical data according to department and laboratory • Unique Registration ID for patient throughout the State • Cross consultation for patients among different health professionals within the State • Generations of Charts, Graphs, Trends and dashboards • Generation of comprehensive EMR and Patient Profile • Role & Rule Based • Interface with Medical Equipments, Barcode, Biometrics, Digital Tablets etc • Integration with Aadhar and SMS Gateway
Web Application
Web based Generic Online Consent Management and Monitoring System for State Pollution Control Board
Online Consent Management and Monitoring System for State Pollution Control Board (OCMMS) is a web based Generic Application Software Package for automating the workflow associated with Consent Management and Monitoring System, which exist in most SPCBs (State Pollution Control Board) and PCCs (Pollution Control Committee). This system allows the industries for the online submission of application for Consent to Establish(CTE)/Consent to Operate(CTO) & for various categories of Industries/Institutions. This system is helpful for concerned officials of SPCB for online monitoring of various activities of SPCBs/PCCs. The OCMMS can be implemented in all the SPCBs/PCCs with minimum customization efforts. OCMMS has been developed using open source technology.
Web Application
e-RaktKosh is a comprehensive IT solution to standardize and streamline the standard operating procedures, guidelines and workflow of blood banks across nation. It has been inaugurated on 7th April 2016 by Honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Sh. J P Nadda. It enforces Drug & Cosmetic Act, National blood policy standards and guidelines ensuring proper collection & donation, effective management and monitoring the quality and quantity of the donated blood. Considering the national roll out, e-RaktKosh has been developed with modular and scalable approach with configurable rule based architecture allowing customization to easily incorporate specific requirements from nationwide stakeholders. Mobile version of e-RaktKosh with citizen interface is also available on Google store, IOS store and Windows store. e-RaktKosh will provide access to information on availability of nearest blood bank, status of a particular blood group in blood banks, navigator assistance and automation of blood bank services apart from donor registries and promotion of voluntary donation.
Web Application
eOffice-Collaboration and Messaging Service (CAMS)
CAMS include eScheduler(Appointments), IMS(Instant Messaging Service), eTalk (Instant Chat application) and eAlerts. Collaboration(act of working jointly) is the only way to make users, systems and departments to communicate effectively. eScheduler(Appointments), is an service that helps users in scheduling appointments, meetings, events and conventions online. It facilitates the sharing of appointments and updates users/groups through SMS and email. It supports the importing and exporting of the appointments from and to standard calendar services available worldwide. eOffice Instant Messaging (IM) product is designed to provide users of e-Office a functionality through which users can exchange important messages over the e-office portal. With the help of this IM client, e-Office users will get another level of intra department communication by which they can communicate their thoughts to other users over the e-Office portal. E-office IM product is a real time product which helps in passing the message to its recipient in real time. eTalk is a Transactional interaction, involves the exchange of transaction entities where a major function of the transaction entity is to alter the relationship between participants. eAlerts is an alerting mechanism for updating users about changes for their items from all applications in Portal.
Web Application
National Scholarships Portal
National Scholarships Portal (NSP) – a software system designed using open source software in federated model to support on-boarding of scholarship schemes of Central Govt, State Govt & autonomous bodies. NSP is designed as configurable system with provision for defining scheme specific process flows, verification activities and funds transfer through centralized payment gateways. NSP supports provide role based access and services.
Web Application
NCC Automation & Online Cadet Management System
National Cadet Corps (NCC) of India is one of the largest youth grooming organisations in the world. At any point of time there are approx. 13.5 lakh youth of the country who are enrolled with NCC. There are 17 NCC State Directorates under DG NCC, 97 Groups under the Directorates and 825 Units under Groups looking after specific geographical regions of the country. All the North Eastern States except Sikkim are covered under the NCC NER (North Eastern Region) Directorates with its Headquarter at Shillong.
Web Application
e-Sanad is a project aimed at online submission/verification of documents with an ultimate object to extend contact less, cashless, faceless and paperless document attestation service for apostille and normal attestation to applicants in India (to be extended to Indians residing abroad as well in a phased manner). It is designed and developed by NIC. Any type of document viz personal, educational or commercial can be authenticated/apostilled using e-Sanad. The document should be available in the digital repository for getting attestation/apostille through e-Sanad.
Web Application
Aadhaar Based Distribution system (ABDS)
The project targets to automate distribution of commodity happening manually in Fair Price Shop (FPS) through online PDS application to ensure that real cardholders are getting their allotted commodity under PDS scheme . Every dealer is given HHT ( Hand held terminal) for communicating with online PDS application . HHT communicates with PDS application through webservices. In HHT dealer as well cardholders are authenticated through UID SERVER by their UID/Aadhar number and finger print . Throgh HHT , dealers can do commodity distribution, aadhar/UID seeding,, mobile seeding, BFD (best finger detection) and stock receiving . In case UID server gets problem and unable to respond , cardholders are authenticated using OTP (One time password) send to their registered mobile.
Web Service
SMS Push is simply the process of sending an SMS message to a device. SERVICEURL ="http://smsgw.sms.gov.in/failsafe/HttpLink"; This gateway provide to send 3 type of Messages 1. Plain Message 2. UNICode Message 3. Flash Message SMS PUSH Jar This jar contains 3 methods like, 1. sendPlainMSG(username, password, senderid, mobileno, msg); 2. sendUnicodeMSG(username, password, senderid, mobileno, msg); 3. sendFlashMSG(username, password, senderid, mobileno, msg);
ISCII to Unicode Converter
Convert Indian Script Code for Information Interchange (ISCII) 7-bit or 8-Bit data to unicode. It can connect to SQL Server database and convert ISCII data stored in database tables. Unicode data can be stored in a new table or new fields in the same table. The class unicodeconverter.Iscii2utf can be used in any Java application for converting ISCII characters to Unicode on the fly.
Desktop Application
Desktop Digital Signing Tool (For PDF Files)
PDF digital signing tool Version 1.0 was released in the year 2014 and made available through e-Gov App store. Version 3.2 of this open source desktop tool was released with enhanced features, improved and intuitive signer interface and built on latest technology using JavaFX. It provides digitally signing of the electronic documents (PDF) by reading digital certificates (X.509) from USB token provided by the CA. In Version 4.1, some internal API changes are made. The digital signing functionality is provided for single or multiple signatures on a single PDF document as well as for bulk signing of PDF documents.
Desktop Application
2D QR Barcode Encoder and Decoder
2D QR Bar code Encoder component is reusable “Generic Component” to create the with encrypted / without encrypted and encoded 2D QR Bar code images for generation and verification. The component is flexible for using it anywhere. All the options such as barcode encoding and barcode decoding are open to the Application Service Provider (ASP) for integration in their software. 2D QR bar code decoder component is developed in such a way that it can be made reusable “Generic Component” for decode and decrypt the 2D QR Bar code images or 2D QR Bar code value which was created by using “2d QR bar code creator” component version 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0. Instant open standard 2DBARCODE Encoder, Decoder with encryption support viewed through the URL http://sdp.nic.in:8080/2DQRBarcode/
MeghSikshak-a SaaS based e-learning Framework
Understanding these benefits and advantages of the cloud computing technology, C-DAC offers a new mode of e-learning system called cloud enabled e-Sikshak. This cloud based learning management system which offers e-Sikshak’ s multi-lingual e-learning services is leveraged by cloud computing capabilities and demonstrates the new model of Software As A Service (SaaS) based e-learning system. The SaaS based Learning Management System currently conforms to SAAS maturity level 3 which allow the system to support multiple tenants on the same deployed instance of e-Sikshak. The system supports multiple customers/tenants simultaneously on the cloud environment, raising the need to make it compatible with and effective in a cloud environment. This cloud enabled e-learning solution provides the tenant management system along with essential Learning Management System (LMS) services offered by e-Sikshak such as SCORM based Content Delivery, QTI based online Assessment, Query Handler service and some other communication and collaboration services.
Web Application
MyVisit is an initiative by the Government of India to facilitate the common man. MyVisit facility enables the citizens to have a smooth and simple process of making an appointment. It will bridge the gap between the Government and the common man and will enhance the opportunity of a common man to meet a government officer, hassle free. It has advanced features of eliminating all the cumbersome and tedious procedure of making a request for an appointment and then visiting the premises. MyVisit is a cloud based application software developed by NIC with an easy to use graphical interface and embedded with comprehensive security features. This is a unified and centralized application and can be easily implemented in any Government offices / Ministries / Bhawans with minimum customization efforts. It assists in maintaining all-relevant information about the visitor, which is automatically saved in a database. This application is integrated with visitors’ Aadhaar card facility.
Web Application
eEntrypass is a web-based computerized solution for issuance of photo entry passes to visitors to Punjab Civil Secretrariat for various reasons. This include Capturing of Visitor’s Details along with photograph and also giving provision for entry of multiple visitors. eEntrypass allow generation of Bilingual Gate pass to facilitate rural as well as foreign visitors .Finally,eEntryPass is a generic system which may be replicated at any site with suitable customization.
Web Application
One Time Password Generator - HMAC Based
HOTP is an HMAC-based One Time Password algorithm. It is a cornerstone of Initiative For Open Authentication (OATH). HOTP was published as an informational IETF RFC 4226 in December 2005, documenting the algorithm along with a Java implementation.HOTP can be used to authenticate a user in a system via an authentication server.
Online Blood Bank, Area wide Blood Bank automation system
Online Blood Bank is an integrated area wide blood bank automation system, which computerizes end to end process of the blood bank and inter connects multiple Blood Banks of an area/state in a single network. This helps the authority to monitor & manage the blood stock position of the entire state and by & large citizen gets the benefits. Integrated area wide Blood Bank automation system refers the acquisition, validation, storage and circulation of various live data and information electronically regarding blood donation and transfusion service. Such system is able to assemble heterogeneous data into legible reports to support decision making from effective donor screening to optimal blood dissemination in the field. Those electronic processes help the public for easy access to the blood availability status of blood banks on finger tip through web, SMS & IVRS facility. It also provides online status of blood group wise availability of blood units in all the licensed blood banks in the state. It includes online tracking and trailing system of the blood and blood products (components of blood) by the state level administrators.
Web Application
CloudPost is Cloud enabled web based application designed for enforced agencies like Transport, Sales Tax, Excise , Mining ,Forest and Police across the country to check driver details, vehicle details and the parameters like road permit, tax status, fitness, insurance as well as other road permits issued by sales tax, excise, mining and forest departments.
Web Application
Project Proposal Submission and Monitoring System (PPSMS)
Project Proposal Submission and Monitoring System (PPSMS) has been conceptualized to be a generic configurable system for proposal processing process with effective monitoring of project execution with online status update facility. This system takes care of five major functionalities of proposal processing & monitoring like Proposal Initiation, Proposal Submission, Processing, Project Sanction and Monitoring of projects. There are three types of actors / roles in this system. They are Public User (submits proposal online, monitor the processing and provide status on project progress), Departmental User (Initiates the proposal, process and monitor the project progress), External User (Domain expert as proposal evaluation committee member). Major features of this application are Configurable Proposal Template, Sanction format, Project milestones & activities and online submission of project status / utilization certificate (UC). This portal will serve as single source of all proposals invited by various departments and help public user to access, submit, monitor and provide status of the proposal / projects online from single login.
Web Application
e-CollabCAD - A Web Based 3D Viewer
e-CollabCAD Web Viewer is a product for visualisation and sharing of 3D design data of CollabCAD and open 3D data file formats (STL, OBJ, JSON). No software or plugin required, the viewer works directly on a WebGL compliant web browser. It provides facility to Upload, View and Share 3D models and innovative designs with public or private collaborative partners.
Web Application
Workforce Management System (WMS)
WMS, Workforce Management system, is a web-based cloud ready human resource management software. WMS is a part of CollabCAD ERP suite of enterprise applications. WMS can be used as a stand-alone system or as a part of CollabCAD ERP system. The application facilitates management of workforce (human resources) in an organization. WMS takes into account various aspects of workforce management like Employee Profile, Skills, Leave management, Progress Reports (Weekly/Monthly), Attendance, Task Assignment, Vendor management (Registration/Empanelment), Work Order management, Reports generation, User management, etc. This application can be used in various ministries/government departments to manage their workforce.
Web Application
Fulcrum is the e-forms engine developed by CDAC Mumbai. It generates forms dynamically with prescribed Meta Data Standards of DIT. This tool can be used to create new forms, modify the existing forms, import forms from other repositories, move forms from one folder to another in a repository, copy forms from other folders in a repository, etc. It is a very user friendly tool.
Web Application
Online factory registration information system for licensing and registration of factories under factory act 1948. To ensure the health and safety of workers, Dept provides two main permissions to the factories: 1. Building plan approval:- to construct new or use the existing building to run a Factory 2. Factory License:- To start the manufacturing process and recruit the manpower A work flow role-based online system is operational from August 2014 for processing of Building plan Approval, Factory registration, renewal, amendment application.
Web Application
PDF 417 Barcode Encoder and Decoder
PDF-417 Encoder is used for encoding large amounts of data, usually up to one or two-hundred characters are encoded in a single symbol.It is composed with a stack of 3 to 90 rows. A PDF417 symbol consists of 17 modules arranged into four bars and four spaces.Decoding is the reverse of encoding, which is the process of transforming information from one format into another. Here pdf417 decoder decodes the image to its text content.
eTaal is a web portal for dissemination of e-Transactions statistics of National and State level e-Governance Projects including Mission Mode Projects. It receives transaction statistics from web based applications periodically on near real time basis. eTaal presents quick analysis of transaction counts in tabular and graphical form to give quick view of transactions done by various e-Governance projects.
Web Application
Browser JSGuard
Web Browser Add-on (Extension) for Detecting Malicious and Suspicious Web pages. Following are the Generic Features of this application : 1. Content/Heuristic based web malware detection 2. Alerts the User on Malicious Web pages 3. Provides detailed analysis of Webpage content (by clicking on the icon present in Add-on bar).
Web Service for pushing e-Transactions on NeSD Portal
In Haryana state, services are being delivered electronically using heterogeneous architecture where servers are located at different locations e.g some at Haryana State Data Centre, some at NIC Haryana State Data Centre and some are at tehsils which are pushing data to NIC Haryana State Data Center server at regular intervals. To achieve the objective, a web service has been created by NIC Haryana State Center which is being consumed by National e-Services Dashboard Website.
Web Application
eCollabDDS: A Web Based Collaborative Digital Diagnosis System
eCollabDDS is a web based tool that provides a real time collaborative environment to visualize medical and dental images (digitized X-Ray images or DICOM data) for Patient diagnosis and treatment planning from remote locations. eCollabDDS would be useful to connect Remote Health Care Centers with Tertiary Care centres for providing Diagnostic Services. Also Doctors at Secondary/Tertiary health centre can collaborate with each other for second opinion or knowledge sharing.
Web Application
Mee Seva Rapid roll-out
Ministry of IT & C, Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) offers to Componentize, Integrate Mee Seva functional modules & Replicate NIC Departmental applications to other States of India in order to bring Effectiveness, Efficiency, Transparency, and Accountability of Citizen Centric Services to the Citizens. GoAP has always been at the forefront of leveraging IT for development and governance. The state reaffirms its strength in IT-enabled governance with Mee Seva, a unique web-based, transparent and secured citizen-centric facility.
Web Application
Automated Price Support Scheme Implementation
Price Support Scheme (PSS) is a scheme run by Government of India, which offers Minimum Support Price (MSP) for a produce, to protect farmers from exploitation. If government’s intervention is not there, it is often observed that price of the produce shall go down drastically in harvest season as many farmers, due to resource crunch having low stocking capacity, sell their produce to middle men. As soon as farmers sell their produce to middleman, they hoard the produce and the price increases to benefit the middlemen. Neither farmers nor consumers are generally benefitted by high/low prices of the essential goods. Under the PSS, government offers to procure the produce at a MSP, at fixed locations, generally by Mandis, PACSs, etc. Whenever markets offer less price to the farmer, farmer has a choice to sell his/her produce to government at MSP and save from distress sale. Usually it is the responsibility of Government of India to run the scheme. GOI runs this scheme through Food Corporation of India (FCI). In DeCentralized Procurement (DCP), some states are given responsibility to procure produce on behalf of Government of India. GOI reimburses the expenditure involved in the procurement and receives the produce that is more than the State’s requirement. Paddy, Wheat, Makka, etc are some of the grains that are procured in PSS. Chhattisgarh is a DCP state, which procures nearly 60 lakh tons of paddy at MSP from about 12 lakh farmers, at about 2000 procurement centres. Chhattisgarh has computerized the whole paddy procurement chain in 2007 with an objective of quick and hassle free payment to farmers. The system has been operational in Chhattisgarh for the last 10 years. Many states have visited Chhattisgarh and states like MP have taken the source code and customized the code for their state. The project has received many awards like National e-Governance Award, e-India Award, CSI-Nihilent Award, PC Quest Best Implementation Award, in addition to prestigious Prime Minister Award for Excellence in Public Administration to the team that implemented the system. Effort is to design a system as a product used for procuring any produce under PSS.
Web Application
e-TuLA (eTransformation of Legal metrology Administration)
In e-TuLA product the following automation procedures would be covered: • Department Portal - bilingual and designed as per GIGW guidelines, enabling user to reach to helping documents, well-defined inspection procedure and checklist at a click anywhere anytime. • Twelve services for Issuance/ Renewal of Licenses for Dealers (3), Manufacturers (3) & Repairers (3), Packers Registration (2) and Director Nomination Intimation (1). • Mobile App for Inspection Report submission from the Business premises of the Citizen. With a little customization effort, eTuLA may be implemented for department of legal metrology in any state of India.
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