Government eProcurement System of NIC (GePNIC)

Government eProcurement System of NIC (GePNIC) is a generic software which can be directly used by any Government Department. The Central Public Procurement Portal ( launched at the behest of Department of Expenditure is an instance of GePNIC available for all Central Government Departments and Organizations. This Portal can be used for all kinds of procurement activities such as Goods, Works and Services. It aims at enhancing transparency in all activities relating to tendering process and non-discrimination amongst bidders. It enables free access to tender documents, clarifications, secure online bid submission and access to bid opening event to all, from any place on 24x7 basis. The system, which is being progressively used since the year 2007, has been designed taking into account the General Financial Rules (GFR), tender rules followed in various States and also adheres to CVC guidelines issued from time to time on tendering.
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First Release Date :20-Nov-2007
Current Release Date :07-Mar-2016

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Web Application
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Governance & Administration
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Services Offered
Registration of Bidders and Govt. officials in different roles
Bidder / Contractors / Suppliers must enroll in the site with Digital Signature Certificate . The Department user will be created by designated Nodal Officer of the organization.
Tender Creation and Publishing
This web based system facilitates Government entities to create a tender online by providing critical information about the tender . Created tender can be published online for Works, Goods and Services related tenders. Role based system.
Publishing of Corrigendum and Pre bid meeting decisions
Corrigendum can be created and published online for various types as per user requirements and bidder can raise online query. Summary of queries collected and replies furnished which is also posted in the site for a tender.
Online Bid submission/ resubmission/ withdrawal as per the needs (configurable)
Bidder can select the tender he wants after log in and upload the filled-in bids cover wise and documents from My Space . Both Technical and Finacial Bid documents are signed, individually encrypted and stored. Bidder gets a receipt after submission. Bidder can withdraw/re-submit the bids
Online tender opening
Bids are decrypted and opened by authorized officials. Each activity is time stamped with server time. For each bid, documents can be seen and saved locally for evaluation and further processing, if required.
Technical and financial evaluation updations
After opening, bidders are selected for respective technical / financial evaluation. Bid documents are downloaded and given for evaluation and the recommendations of the committee are updated . Automatic Comparative Charts are generated for Financial bid.
Award of the contract
After the selection of a bidder he will be officially notified of the award. The letter called Award of Contract will state the contract price.
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Use of Digital Signature Certificate with Signing and Encryption Certificates as dual key pair for accessing the portal
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Can be configured for use by an organization at its apex level, and at multiple subordinate levels, at which tenders could independently be floated. Bidder categories / classes are also configurable. The solution is also implemented in Nine major PSUs like IOCL , Coal India etc.
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